Medical Director, NeuroZone
American Board Certified Neurologist
& Stroke Neurologist


Medical Director, NeuroZone
American Board Certified Neurologist
& Stroke Neurologist


Our Experts

  • As part of our educational mission, V R Trust, GopalaGowda Hospital & NeuroZone Hospital offers a comprehensive international elective program for foreign medical students (FMG’s), Medical Interns, Doctors and Physicians seeking an engaging, challenging, and positive supplement to their domestic medical education.
  • The program covers a wide scope in medicine enhancing their professional clinical knowledge and provide an overview of the Indian health system helping them to become well-rounded, successful doctors.
  • Mentoring students pursuing further education in USA, UK, is part of the curriculum.
  • Students interested in clinical research career will be part of research projects which will enhance their ability to practice evidence-based medicine which is key in current medical practice.


  • Active, student-centered learning where foreign medical students are encouraged to be active in managing their own education and schedule their own curriculum for the elective, including scheduling interventions and surgeries they want to observe
  • Early clinical contact where students can enhance their clinical and interpersonal skills in a safe and supervised environment
  • Our clinical staff has the expertise to interact with foreign medical students from across the world
  • Visiting students are provided the opportunity to attend daily clinical rounds, resident didactics and hospital continuing medical education (CME) conferences as part of their medical electives
  • Rural medical camp participation (THAR-Tele Health Advisory for Rural zone)
  • Publications and abstract submissions
  • Mentoring for USMLE, PLAB and other competitive exams


To qualify for our international clinical elective program, applicants must submit the following documents:

  • A letter, or no objection certificate from the university where the medical student is undertaking his/her graduate program permitting him/her to pursue a clinical elective anywhere in India, from a privately-run and managed hospital, and/or institute
  • Photocopy of a valid passport
  • An essay describing, in 500 words or less, the benefits of pursuing a medical elective program at GopalaGowda Shanthaveri Memorial Hospital & NeuroZone in India

Send the above-listed documents to the following address:

International Students Elective Program
C/O Ms.Dhanyatha M; MBA
Administrator, NeuroZone
GopalaGowda Hospital Campus
T.N.Pura Road, Nazarbad,
Mysore 570010
Karnataka, India
Ph no: +91-90080-83445 / +91-93798-66666
email: dhanyagowda@gmail.com

  • Introduction
  • Electives
  • Interdisciplinary rotations
  • Community participations

GopalaGowda Shanthaveri Memorial Hospital (GGSMH) and NeuroZone (NZ) is nestled in the southern Indian subcontinent city called Mysore presently part of Karnataka state. With its 250 bedded capacity, it caters to both urban and rural population providing comprehensive medical care to its patients. Since its inception in 1983, by its founders Dr.Vishnumurthy/Mrs. Rekhamurthy it has been part of the health care spectrum in this busy small tourist town.
All specialties and superspecialists including Medicine, Surgery, ObGyn, Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Rehabilitation, Speech and Swallow Pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Radiology, Intensive care units (ICU), Operation theaters, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, and Telemedicine are presently available.
Also, GGSMH and NZ have extensive experience in Community Camps, Research Clinical Trials, Rural Health and Medical education including-USMLE, PLAB.
GGSMH runs nursing and paramedical school and college, and many of its courses are recognized by competitive authorities including nursing council of India, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of medical sciences (RGUHS), among others.
NeuroZone (NZ) is a comprehensive stroke and neurology center in Mysore. Founded in 2019 by Dr. V.S.Hedna and Ms.Dhanyatha .M who returned to their hometown from USA, they are catering to the large neurological and neurosurgical patients in this part of India.
Dr.V.S.Hedna has extensive clinical experience as a neurologist and has worked extensively in both developed and developing country health care scenarios.
He has internal medicine experience, neurology experience of 15 years in UK and USA. He was stroke director of university of New Mexico and Baptist health system in USA until recently. He was associate professor and has been awarded many teaching awards and travel grants for his academic and research activities.
He has extensive experience in telemedicine and was part of New Mexico rural telehealth ACCESS program.
He has published many papers in peer reviewed journals and has been guest specker for many international stroke and neurology conferences. He has been featured in media outlets including FOX News for his research.
NZ has been conducting FREE Rural medical camp participation (THAR-Tele Health Advisory for Rural zone) for rural Mysore and Kodagu district.

The objective of Electives is to provide flexibility and opportunities to:

  • Gain experience in aspects of medicine not offered in the regular curriculum.
  • Study particular areas of the curriculum in greater depth.
  • Explore career opportunities. Students are encouraged to be creative in their selection of electives.
  • Electives are available in following disciplines: Medicine, Surgery, ObGyn, Pathology, Laboratory Medicine, Gastroenterology, Neurology, Rehabilitation, Speech and Swallow Pathology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Radiology, Intensive care units (ICU), Operation theaters, Community Camps, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Telemedicine, Research, Rural Health and Medical education-USMLE, PLAB.
  • The superspecialist electives (Neurology, Gastroenterology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Anesthesia, Pediatrics) are encouraged which would provide excellent complimentary experiences.
  • Students choose their electives so that special emphasis is given to their interest.
  • Ideally, electives in Clinical Clerkship must be organized by December 1st every year so that each student will be able to start in January and finish elective experience in 1 year.
  • Shorter electives and flexible start dates throughout the year make this program FMG friendly. These are readily available and subject to discussion with the program director.
  • Minimum duration of each elective are preferably 1 months, which gives the student adequate exposure and the program highly encourage this.
  • Shorter medical electives for specialties and super specialties are also available (3 months/6 months/9 months).
  • After completion of each rotation, we highly encourage the student to meet with their respective mentors for feedback which will help shape their medical career well.

The goals of the Interdisciplinary rotation are:

  • To learn about the interdisciplinary management of patient care.
  • To have students work with an interdisciplinary team (i.e., PT, OT, Speech/Language, dieticians, nurses, etc.) and participate in decision-making and medical education of patients and their families.
  • To have a focus on outpatient ambulatory care.
  • To allow students to further their knowledge, skills and attitudes related to interdisciplinary teamwork.

The goals of the Non-Tertiary/Community rotation are:

  • For students to learn about the differences in healthcare delivery in a smaller rural community versus a tertiary-care setting (i.e., a facility that doesn't provide tertiary care services; examples of tertiary care services are trauma, neurosurgery, stroke units, rehabilitation centers, cancer care, plastic and burns care, endoscopic surgeries, and infertility treatment).
  • To allow students to broaden their clinical skills through their application in non-acute care settings, and community settings.