Our Services

Stroke & Neurovascular

Cutting edge treatment for strokes, aneurysms and related conditions

Brain and Spinal Tumors

Surgery: This procedure, in which the tumor tissue is physically removed, is often the first step in brain tumor care. It may be used both for diagnosis and treatment.

Active surveillance: This practice simply means closely watching a patient’s condition, but not providing any treatment unless there are changes in test results that show the tumor is getting worse

Alzheimer’s Disease & Memory Disorders

Diagnostic and treatments options and second opinions for Alzheimer’s disease and memory disorders


Nonsurgical and surgical treatment for a wide variety of spinal deformities, injury and tumors

Movement Disorders

Parkinson’s disease and impaired-movement issues


Complete evaluation and treatment for epilepsy and other seizure disorders

Nerve & Muscle

Expert care for muscular dystrophy, neuropathies, myasthenia gravis & related diseases

Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmunomodulation

Advanced treatment options and research-based care for Multiple Sclerosis and autoimmune conditions


“Nobody is alone in this world; We are here for you” is our motto at the Department of Psychiatry. With Empathy and Compassion we support the wellbeing of patient’s mental health and work towards an full recovery and lasting health.


Holistic healing to Advanced Cutting Edge technology, our team collaborates in many clinical trials and research endeavors, and is home to leaders in behavioral medicine and addiction psychiatry. We join your team and hold hands in your Deaddiction journey.