Patient Stories

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Mr. K, 65-year-old male was admitted to NeuroZone with speech difficulty, inability to walk due to severe right upper and lower extremity weakness of 3 hours duration. After initial neurological assessment, CT angiogram of the head and neck was obtained which demonstrated blockage of the main blood vessel supplying the left part of the brain

After administering thrombolysis (Clot buster medication), Neurointervention (Thrombectomy-Clot Removal via Catheter) was performed which restored the blood flow to the entire brain. After rehabilitation, Patient was able to walk independently.

Ms. B was admitted with 6 months of smell difficulty. She had an ear issue just prior to that. She had seen multiple physicians for the same problem with no resolution of symptoms.

After neurological assessment, she underwent Occipital Nerve Block (Fig. 2) which restored her smell gradually in the next few hours to days.

Mrs. C was admitted with 2 weeks gradual worsening history of imbalance, gait difficulty and mild speech abnormality. She had received COVID-19 vaccine shots 1 week prior to her admission to NeuroZone. We diagnosed ADEM (Acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis) using MRI brain and successfully treated her symptoms with steroids and rehabilitation. She had significant improvement of her gait and imbalance by more than 50% within 5 days of therapy.